2023’s Best Sativa Strains: Sativa-Dominant Weed Seeds - 20%+ THC & High Yields

Are you looking for the best sativa strains to grow in 2023? Look no further than this list of sativa-dominant weed seeds! These seeds have high THC levels and will yield some seriously potent buds.


 So if you're looking for a powerful sativa to add to your collection, make sure to check out these seeds. You won't be disappointed!

Durban Poison - Best Sativa strain overall (100% Sativa)

If you're in the market for an entirely pure Sativa strain, with outstanding effects and exceptional yields, the Durban Poison strain is your best bet! With a whopping 20% THC content, this unique strain will offer up an intense cerebral rush alongside a focused wakeful high. Its genetics are traceable all the way back to the docks of Durban in South Africa. Being 100% Sativa, you can expect towering heights with bright green cone-shaped buds that drip with trichomes. Yielding large quantities of crystals, Durban Poison is not only famously potent but also tasty - due to its sweet licorice and citrusy aroma sensations. Whether indoor or outdoor grows - this strain is sure to amaze in both flavor and strength.

Sour Diesel - Popular Sativa smoked by celebrities

Sour Diesel, a potent Sativa strain with over twenty percent THC and famed for its skunky, fuel-like aroma, has been popular among celebrities since the 1990s. Sour Diesel’s complex profile makes it unique in comparison to other sativas; blending an earthy taste with sour lemony notes. An uplifting yet calming buzz is often reported by users of this strain, making it a great choice for creative activities and spending time outdoors. It’s no wonder why Sour Diesel from 2023’s Best Sativa Strains catalogue continues to be so popular among those looking for high yields and well-balanced highs.

Jack Herer - Pleasant taste and smell

Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant strain known for its potent effects and pleasant taste and smell. This 2023’s Best Sativa Strain is a combination of Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5, and Haze that contains THC levels of 20% or higher with medium to high yields. Jack Herer offers up an invigorating citrus flavor when smoked or vaporized, giving users an enjoyable experience every time they use it. Not only is the taste noteworthy, but Jack Herer's pungent aroma is also quite unique, containing hints of pine, earthiness, and spices that create a distinct fragrance. With all these qualities combined in one powerful strain, it's no wonder why Jack Herer continues to be one of the most sought after sativa-dominant strains available in 2023!

Purple Haze - Very easy to grow

Purple Haze is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only does this Sativa strain produce incredibly high yields that come with a whopping 20% or above THC, but it's also surprisingly easy to grow! Even novice cultivators will have no problem taking care of Purple Haze and can benefit immensely from its potent effects. Both indoors and outdoors, this Sativa favorite won't be hard to take care of and provides generous harvests of potent buds that are great for unwinding after a long day.

Super Silver Haze - Good strain to get talkative

Super Silver Haze is a great choice for those seeking the energizing and talkative effects of sativa-dominant weed. As one of 2023’s best Sativa strains, Super Silver Haze looks promising with a high THC content of 20%+ and generous yields. Its synthesis of both Super Skunk and Northern Lights #5 create an ideal balance between uplifting energy, euphoria, and clear-headedness to bring out stimulating conversations that you'll remember long after your smoke session. Perfect for social smokers, Super Silver Haze can help inspire deep philosophical discourse with friends or that much needed creative spark in pursuit of art or writing projects.

Blue Dream - Huge 30 oz outdoor yields

Blue Dream is truly a dream when it comes to sativa strains, boasting huge 30 ounce yields outdoors as well as high THC levels above 20%. It's sure to please even the most dedicated cannabis connoisseurs; with its deep blueberry aroma and characteristic sativa effects, this strain guarantees an uplifting and energizing high of productivity. Furthermore, Blue Dream thrives in sunny climates, making it perfect for outdoor growing throughout the summer months. Don't miss out on this one - it's sure to be a 2020 champion!

Strawberry Cough - Sativa from the famous Dutch Passion

Strawberry Cough is a classic Sativa strain that has been around since the early 2000s, achieving international fame thanks to its notable Dutch Passion lineage. Highly sought-after for its long-lasting and potent effects, this strain is 20%+ THC with an uplifting, creative high. Its sweet aroma combines notes of red berry, woody spice, and freshly harvested strawberry. While this strain has medium yields indoors or outdoors, it is well worth the extra effort and rewards you with some of the best Sativa plants on the market today.

Chocolope - Energizing Sativa strain

Chocolope is an energizing sativa strain that's a 2023 top pick by those in the know. Sporting indicative chocolate and coffee flavors, this weed gives its user an energetic, uplifting and creativity-inspiring buzz. It's prized for its exceptional yields and high THC content which can reach 20%+. Chocolope is a great choice for both leisurely moments as well as creative pursuits. It will keep you energized without overwhelming, leaving you happily engaged in whatever activity you choose to pursue.

Cafe Racer - Uber-potent 35% THC strain

Cafe Racer is the perfect strain for anyone looking for the most powerful Sativa experience. Boasting a staggering 35% THC content and 20%+ yields, this ultra-potent strain is sure to elevate any cannabis connoisseur's experience. With dense nugs coated in frosty trichomes, enjoy an aroma that mixes sweet citrus and earthy spice flavors with hints of jet fuel. This Sativa-dominant variety produces an uplifting energy that sparks creativity while inspiring mental clarity. Cafe Racer boasts impressive THC levels, high yields, and a unique flavor profile - making it one of the best Sativa strains of 2023!

Green Crack - Good for potential medical effects

Green Crack is one of the top 2023 Sativa strains due to its incredibly high THC content of 20%+. Popular amongst medical cannabis users, Green Crack is known for its potential positive effects on mental health, such as reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. Along with this, those who struggle with PTSD or insomnia may find relief with consuming Green Crack. Furthermore, it’s also known to help stimulate appetite in those who experience loss of appetite due to other medical conditions. The yields it produces are also generous, making it a great choice for commercial growers looking for a potent strain and a decent output.


These are the best Sativa strains in 2023 as voted by our panel of experts. If you're looking for a high-THC, high-yielding strain that is guaranteed to get you talkative and energized, look no further than the list above. Do you have a favorite Sativa strain that didn't make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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